Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tai chi

What is Taichi?

Taichi is a recreational fitness system of flowing movements designed to exercise and develop the body and mind in unison. The movements are performed in slow and dream like peace, with deep concentration and diaphragmatic breathing to transport one into a state of tranquil relaxation.

What are the benefits?

A tranquil, graceful way of keeping fit, it is an easy, gentle and deeply pleasurable kind of exercise that refreshes without great effort. As a physical health exercise, Taichi is a revolutionary concept of body-fitness system. It is completely opposite to the generally accepted theory of exercise, especially in the western world, where hard, vigorous physical exertion, often coupled with stressful competitive striving extolled. This often results in painful injuries, permanent damage to internal organs, uneven bodily development and broken spirits. Taichi on the other hand utilize the principle of nonphysical exertion and external organic exercises by way of corrective breathing, controlled stretching and gentle artistic movements. It extols the philosophy of self improvement as against external competition, and internal harmony as against external striving. It teaches the art of gentle relaxing exercise and controlled body flow movements to gradually develop and strengthen the whole body evenly. This increases the body’s tolerance against diseases and illness, and helps to rejuvenate the whole person. It is designed to provide general body fitness while maintaining the body’s sensitivity and fluidity.

Why should you learn Taichi?

Our modern living conditions and city life subject the human body to immense stress and tension. The hectic pace of modern living and lack of exercise leaves one tired and drained at the end of the day. Taichi’s flowing movements and the “Energy meditation” has the therapeutic effect of slowing down the pace and refreshing the body with peaceful relaxation and renewed energy. Taichi relaxes the mind and body, quiets the nervous system, benefits the heart and blood circulation, cures indigestion, loosens stiff joints, tones up muscles and refreshes the skin. It will also increase your sensitivity and awareness, stimulate and increase your energy, bring out your self – confidence and bring your body and mind into harmony.

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